About us

Who we are

Nidaria was founded from the need to look for alternatives to prevent food waste from ending up in bins or landfills, in order to prevent it from contaminating when it decomposes and the resources that were used for its production from being wasted.

We want to change the perception that food waste is considered waste. The reality is that food waste is not rubbish as it contains nutrients that should be utilized.

It is essential to use the food that is lost or wasted to build sustainable cities, create resilient local food systems and fight climate change.

Quiénes somos

Nidaria surge de la necesidad de buscar alternativas para impedir que los residuos alimenticios terminen en tiraderos de basura o rellenos sanitarios, con el fin de evitar que contaminen al descomponerse y que los recursos que se utilizaron para su producción se desperdicien.

Queremos cambiar la percepción que se tiene de los residuos alimenticios, ya que son considerados como basura. La realidad es que estos no son basura ya que cuentan con nutrientes que deben ser aprovechados.

Es fundamental aprovechar los alimentos que se pierden o desperdician para construir ciudades sustentables, crear sistemas alimentarios locales resilientes y luchar contra el cambio climático.

What we do

Our objective is to provide a responsible and simple alternative so that the inhabitants of Mexico City can dispose of their food waste safely.

Once we collect this waste, we take it to our Bio Transformation Plant. With the support of Biotectra, we transform it into natural ingredients, free of additives for animal feed, which are then channelled to agricultural producers in the rural areas of Mexico City. In this way, we reinsert food waste into the value chain, promoting a circular economy that allows us to support the local food system by producing natural food through sustainable food production.

Our purporse

We would like to mitigate the pollution caused by the inadequate disposal of food waste, reinserting it into the value chain by giving it a second life, in order to promote a circular economy and contribute to a sustainable ecosystem.

Nuestro propósito

Mitigar la contaminación que se produce por la inadecuada disposición final de los residuos alimenticios, reinsertándolos a la cadena de valor al darles más de un ciclo de vida, para impulsar una economía circular y un ciclo de sostenibilidad.


We cooperate with many partners for the processing, transformation and use of food waste. On one hand, we have Biotectra to help us give a second life to food waste by converting it into natural, additive-free ingredients for animal feed.

On the other hand, we have the support of agricultural producers from San Miguel Topilejo, Tlalpan, CDMX. They use these ingredients to feed their animals, achieving a sustainable and natural production.

What we are fighting for

We want to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations for the 2030 Agenda.

At Nidaria we contribute to the following goals:

Goal 1.2

Reducing the amount of people living in poverty.

Goals 2.1, 2.3 and 2.4

Reducing hunger and ensure access to healthy food for all people through sustainable production, and improving the incomes of small-scale food producers and implementing sustainable and resilient production systems.

Goal 8.4

Improving resource efficiency in consumption and production by reintroducing food waste into the value chain.

Goals 11.a and 11.6

Reducing the adverse environmental impact of cities through sustainable waste management and use. Supporting economic, environmental and social links by encouraging trade in local products produced in rural areas of the city.

Goals 12.3 and 12.5

Reducing food waste throughout the supply chain, and reducing waste generation through recycling and reuse of food waste.

Goal 13.1

Strengthening resilience and adaptive capacity to climate change related risks through mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.

The climate emergency is real, join the fight with us today!