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How does it work?

Subscribe to Nidaria

We will provide you with the Nidaria Kit, which includes everything you need to separate food waste correctly at home

Waste bin collection

Twice a week, we will come to your home to pick up your waste, as well as provide you with a clean kit

Correct disposal

We will take your waste to our Bio Plant, where we transform it so that it can be put to good use, preventing it from ending up in a landfill

Impact report

Once a month we will deliver a report to let you know the positive impact you are generating by subscribing to our service

What is food waste?

Food waste is any of the food and leftovers that we don’t eat. They range from fruit and vegetable peels, to chicken bones, to leftover food we leave on our plates, to fruit that is overripe and can no longer be eaten, as well as any other food we throw away.

Food waste begins to decompose when they reach the landfills. During this process, they generate greenhouse gases (GHGs) that have a direct impact on climate change and global warming, as well as leachates which contaminates groundwater and attract harmful fauna and vermin such as flies, cockroaches and rodents.


34.7% of food produce

is lost or wasted in Mexico

28 million tonnes

of food is lost or wasted in Mexico per year

24 million Mexicans

lack food security

15.7 million vehicles

are needed to generate the same amount of GHGs as the 28 million tonnes of food wasted annually

Impacto generado

kg of food waste diverted from landfills
Plastic bags saved
kg of CO2e mitigated

What are our goals?

We would like to raise awareness about the negative impact of improper disposal of food waste by offering an easy and practical service. By subscribing to our service,

  • You become responsible for the final disposal of the waste you generate (a fundamental part of being a responsible consumer).
  • You avoid generating greenhouse gases that impact global warming.
  • You reduce the use of plastic bags (you stop using bags to dispose of your rubbish).
  • You help avoid the contamination of recyclable inorganic waste with organic matter.
  • You support producers in rural areas of Mexico City.
  • You contribute to generating a circular economy and a sustainable city.
  • You join the fight against global warming!

¿Qué buscamos?

Queremos generar consciencia sobre el impacto negativo que tienen la incorrecta disposición final de los residuos alimenticios, ofreciendo un servicio fácil y práctico. Al estar suscrito a nuestro servicio:

  • Te haces responsable de la disposición final de los residuos que generas (parte fundamental de ser un consumidor responsable).
  • Evitas la generación de gases que impactan en el calentamiento global.
  • Disminuyes el uso de bolsas de plástico (dejas de utilizar bolsas para tirar la basura).
  • Ayudas a que no se contaminen los residuos inorgánicos reciclables con materia orgánica.
  • Apoyas a los productores de la zona rural de la Ciudad de México.
  • Contribuyes a generar una economía circular y una ciudad sustentable.
  • ¡Luchas contra el calentamiento global!

Impacto generado

kg de residuos alimenticios desviados de los tiraderos de basura
Bolsas de plástico no utilizadas
kg de CO2e mitigados​

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